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IT Blog from a Hongkonger
香港人寫嘅 IT Blog


About | 關於

This is me. 呢個就係我

Who? | 邊個?

  • A person who want to share useful information
  • A father of two kids
  • 一個想將有用嘅資訊分享出嚟嘅人
  • 有兩個仔嘅爸爸

Email: ahlok [@] ahlok.com

What? | 咩黎?

  • IT Blog from a Hongkonger
  • The Blog using English and Cantonese
  • 香港人寫嘅 IT Blog
  • 主要用英文同廣東話去寫嘅 Blog

Why? | 點解?

  • As a technical diary, write down my experience so that I can review in the future and won’t forget it.
  • Can share useful information with others
  • 作為一本技術日記,將自己嘅經歷寫低,方便日後攞返黎睇,唔會唔記得。
  • 可以將有用嘅資訊同人分享

In fact, I used to write blogs with Wordpress a few years ago, but the maintenance cost was too high, so I’ve gave it up finally. . .
Recently, I noticed that my colleagues in Taiwan is writing blogs with use of Hexo + Git Page + HackMD only, we can build a blog and put it on the Internet wihtout server and database hosting, so I’m back!

其實幾年前我都有用 Wordpress 寫過 Blog,奈何維護成本太高,之後就摺咗。。。
近排留意到台灣嘅同事們都有寫 Blog 嘅習慣,佢哋只係用咗 Hexo + Git Page + HackMD,唔駛搵 Server 同 Database hosting 就可以起好一個 Blog 放上網,於是把心一橫自己又起返一個!